Victoria La Dolce Vita Rosé

Victoria Rosé

The flirtier, more playful of the Victoria sisters, these soft bubbles of a powder puff hue give new meaning to the term tickled pink. A blushed cheek against an exquisite bouquet of pink roses filling the room with their fragrance. Dancing bubbles rustling softly in the glass like crisp, lustrous silk sweeping over polished marble floors.

Victoria Rosé takes any situation and makes it pink!

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A glass of Rosé for a lazy lunch on a sunny terrace.

This bubbly is always the right way to start your night out, to share with your best friends while slipping into your favorite dress and heels. To enjoy with the pulsating nightlife in Rome, to the rhythmic beats on the dance floors, to laughter from sidewalk cafes late into the warm summer evenings. Or, on the day after, for a long lazy brunch in the sun.

Victoria Rosé takes any situation and makes it pink!

"I believe in pink"

- Audrey Hepburn

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Bottle Size

750 ml

Alcohol By Volume



Merlot, Tai Rosso


Veneto, Italy