Victoria Prosecco

Victoria Prosecco

From the heart of Italy’s finest wine district comes this elegant prosecco as golden as the Giulia sunset, as smooth as a Venetian breeze and as sparkly as the eyes of the wine goddesses who have blessed this region for thousands of years with the gift of exquisite grapes. Of these grapes, only the finest have slowly matured to make Victoria Prosecco.

With bubbles of the perfect size and a soft sweetness that titillates your every sense, Victoria Prosecco is the essence of cool sophistication. Complex, yet delicate like the strong cosmopolitan girl who keeps the world guessing and, just like you, can do anything – enjoy it as is, mix it for savory long drinks in the summer, do whatever you want! The only thing to remember is to let it flow – just like life itself!



Only the best is good enough

For Italians, only the best is good enough. La Dolce Vita can be traced back 2,500 years, when the Romans lived such a high level of sophistication that it has yet to be matched. Until now.
La Dolce Vita is what we do, and we do it effortlessly.

Life is only beautiful if you can share it with someone.

Ask any Italian: The best way to enjoy la dolce vita is with someone you treasure, be it family, friends or a soulmate. Yet Italians are also happy to open their doors and offer hospitality to people from faraway places.

Everyone is welcome.

Additional information
Bottle Size

750 ml

Alcohol By Volume



100% Glera


Prosecco, Italy