Victoria Prosecco Black Edition

Victoria Prosecco Black Edition

This is the darker, more secretive and alluring of the Victoria sisters. The slightly older and wiser one who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She is crisp, cool and deep, per- haps more reserved, perhaps harder to find but always worth searching for. Her every bubble is like a piercing gaze from a pair of mysterious eyes set deeply in a golden complexion. You are captivated. Spellbound. You know you will come back for more. This is life. This is our finest prosecco. This is Black Edition.



An opera of elegance and harmony.

Victoria Prosecco Black Edition Millesimato is complex—in a good way, like an elegant woman who reveals her hidden character only once you get to know her.

Think crisp, tantalizing, elegant and harmonious. Think juicy apples and lemon zest. Think Venice, gondolas, lagoons, street opera sing- ers or Bellinis on la Piazza!

Italian Perfection

A table for two at Hotel Danieli. The golden evening sun sifting through white curtains fluttering gently in the Amalfi breeze by the open balcony doors. The midnight moon over lake Como’s perfect mirror.

Prosecco makes the party. It perfectly enhances any menu, and on its own it exudes an air of romance and sophisticated cool.

Additional information
Bottle Size

750 ml

Alcohol By Volume



100% Glera


Prosecco, Italy